About FranSelect

How FranSelect, Dick Mueller and His Team of Consultants Can Help You Select the RIGHT Franchise

Dick Mueller
When I was working as a franchise owner, and later in franchise development, it occurred to me that someone thinking of buying a franchise is often tied up emotionally with the concept of owning their own business. They daydream of being their own boss, working the hours they want and having no one to report to. They are often unable to step back and objectively view the opportunity and consider the many pitfalls that can befall a new franchisee. Using my years of experience in both the buying and selling side of franchises, I created FranSelect to help prospects determine the right franchise to purchase, if any.

My process and insights have been honed over time through years of experience working with hundreds of potential franchise owners to make an informed decision. You’ll work directly with me every step of the way to ensure you have all of the information and support you’ll need to select the right franchise for your short- and long-term business goals. As a client, you can expect continuous feedback, reporting, and candid suggestions throughout the decision making process.

AND, the services of FranSelect are FREE to the buyer. That means there is no risk to you in exploring franchise opportunities to make your business ownership dreams come true.

Here’s my story…

With over 30 years’ experience as a franchise owner, a financial partner and as a national developer for three national franchise brands, I have worked on both the buying and selling side of franchising. What I’ve learned throughout the process of interviewing hundreds of would be franchise owners, is that most people are unprepared to effectively evaluate a franchise investment opportunity.

At  FranSelect, we evaluate our clients short and long term goals, area of business interest, transferable business skills and financial qualifications which will help us with our best franchise match process. Franchisors work with FranSelect because they know that we present qualified candidates to them who are right for their concept and match their franchise ownership qualification. They know that we have communicated the pros and cons of the franchise opportunity and that the potential owner the confidence that he or she is making the right decision.

My Mission

There are 3000 plus franchises with business formats in 90 plus categories.

My mission is to first help you understand the pros & cons of franchise ownership for you personally, and then guide you through a step by step evaluation process to provide you with information required to make a fully informed selection of the RIGHT franchise before you invest in the WRONG franchise.